Trademark BBQ Brisket Rub Recipe

Over the years, I have been tinkering with my Texas-style brisket rub. I have evolved from elaborate rubs to simple ones. I really like salt and black pepper rubs that allow the smoke flavor to shine. My recipe kicks it up one notch from a straight salt & pepper (S&P) rub and adds seasoned salt. There are a few extra flavors in the seasoned salt and some sugar.

My approach to a Texas-style brisket rub is to use equal parts by volume of kosher salt and coarse ground pepper. On the salt side, you try different things as long as it adds up to one part. Same with the pepper side of the equation. Try different peppers just stick to a coarse grind.

Trademark BBQ Brisket Rub Recipe

Recipe by Hans ScharlerCourse: DinnerCuisine: BarbecueDifficulty: Easy
Prep time





  • Combine ingredients in a container
  • Shake container until fully combined
  • Store in a container for up to three months

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  • Two cups of the rub will cover a 15lb brisket. You will have a little left over. You can save it for next time or add some to a homemade BBQ sauce. I tend to make a batch of rub for each brisket. I want the pepper to be as fresh as possible.

Experiment using my template: 1 to 1 (salt to seasonings by volume). You really can’t go wrong. The idea is to try things and see what you like. My tastes have changed over time. And, for brisket, I like to apply the rub and let refrigerate for at least 12 hours. This lets the salt work its magic and impart some flavors to the bark. Enjoy!

Applying the Rub

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