Beef Prices Are High: This is a Good Time to Experiment

It’s getting cold here in Massachusetts. As fall wains and winter starts up, I will have fewer opportunities to get the smoker out.

It’s cold in the Northeast!

The price of beef is really high right now and I don’t want to waste the few remaining times to smoke this year worrying about the price of brisket. I am experimenting with mushrooms, cream cheese, queso, chorizo, bologna, ham, hot dogs, and other cuts of beef.

Smoked Cream Cheese with SuckleBusters Texas Pecan Rub

With the challenges of prices and supply chains, it is a good time to try some new things. You might surppise yourself and you might disocver something new.

“Sometimes a little adversity allows you to be creative and discover some new things.”

Hans Scharler

I have really loved smoked queso with chorizo as of late. It tastes great, pretty cheap, and an easy template to experiment with. It’s also a crowd pleaser on Taco Tuesday. Try some cubed Velveeta cheese, grated cheddar cheese, green chilis, and a sweet BBQ rub. You’re are going to love.

Smoked Queso

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