Anthony Bourdain Tours The BBQ Triangle

YouTube knows that I love to watch barbecue videos. My recommended videos are often videos on BBQ, bourbon, and pinball. I watched some of the recommended videos this past weekend and discovered an episode of A Cook’s Tour from the Travel Channel from 2001. The late, great Anthony Bourdain was the host and on Season 2, Episode 7, he tours BBQ places around “The BBQ Triangle”. The BBQ triangle Kansas City, Houston, and North Carolina. The holy trinity of BBQ. You can’t go wrong pick places to eat within this triangle.

“Barbecue is not a cuisine, it’s an obsession.”

Anthony Bourdain

It was fun to watch an old episode of A Cook’s Tour and see Anthony Bourdain in his prime. He’s entertaining and he clear touched a lot of people. Anthony made folks comfortable and brought out their best. This episode is worth the watch. RIP.

Anthony Bourdain A Cook’s Tour Season 2 Episode 7: The BBQ Triangle

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