Mad Scientist BBQ: Invaluable Resource For Learning Barbecue

YouTube is my go-to place to learn about BBQ, refine skills, and generate ideas for new things to try. Pretty quickly, I discovered Jeremy Yoder and his popular YouTube channel, Mad Scientist BBQ. From Jeremy’s first video on how to clean your grill to his latest on how pros smoke beef ribs, Mad Scientist BBQ proves to be an invaluable resource for learning barbecue.

How to Smoke Brisket + Smoked Beef Tallow

I have learned a lot of from watching Jeremy’s videos. He drops a lot of advice as he explains the why behind the process. He is able to balance the things you need to know with the science. He speaking to you, teaching, and helping you along. I feel like I have gotten to know him (and his occasional characters who show up) over the past year.

You should consider watching a few of the videos at Mad Scientist BBQ, subscribing, and finding a way to support their work. Our community needs it to keep going!

Who is your trusted voice? Who are you listening to and learning from?

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