Happy Thanksgiving: Try Smoking a Turkey

In the United States, it’s Thanksgiving. This means, I can sit outside all night and day watching a smoker and tending a fire. I mean, it means that we give thanks and celebrate with others… and also smoke some meats. Smoking a turkey is pretty straightforward. I recommend that you get a small turkey and give it a try. If anything, you might learn something and you might just make something that everyone loves.

Trademark BBQ Smoked Turkey

Some tips:

  • Start small – 11-14lbs is a good sized turkey
  • Buy two turkeys and cook one in advanced. This will be your ace in the hole. Or, it will be your no pressure backup turkey.
  • Brine the turkey for at least 24 hours – this will introduce some flavor and get the turkey ready for smoke.
  • Apply a rub with salt, pepper, and herbs. Turkey doesn’t taste like much itself, so feel free to kick up the flavor with some herbs.
  • Cover the tips of the wings and legs with foil. This will stop them from burning.
  • Smoke at a higher temperature, around 335F for a couple of hours
  • Add some cubed butter to the turkey and put it back into the smoker until the bird reaches 165F in the breast and thighs.
  • Use your oven after then initial smoke if you can’t keep a steady smoker temperature on a cold day.

I also recommend watching some YouTube videos and absorb some of the process and techniques. I suggest starting with Arron Franklin’s BBQ with Franklin series on Thanksgiving.

Let me know how it goes for you!

BBQ with Franklin: Thanksgiving part 1
BBQ with Franklin: Thanksgiving part 2
BBQ with Franklin: Thanksgiving part 3

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