Bunch of Nerves: Getting Ready for a Big Weekend of Smoking

I am hosting a private event with some BBQ aficionados on Labor Day. I put it all on the line: brisket. I always get a little nervous. Am I going to mess it up? It’s the only protein on the menu. The whole meal is centered around a Texas-style brisket. At least, we have baked beans, corn, and watermelon as back up.

My event is on Sunday. I start a few days earlier and go to my local Brazilian butcher shop and pick out a carne de peito. I found a 20lb brisket to my liking and loaded it up in my car. As I drove off, my car warned me about my passenger seatbelt. It is so heavy that it tricked the seat sensor. So, just to be safe, I buckled the brisket up. Everyone, including the brisket, made it home safely.

I trimmed off about 6lbs and applied my basic brisket rub. It is now resting in the fridge waiting to be smoked tomorrow. So far, everything is going as plan.

Enjoy your weekend of BBQ!

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