BBQ Review: Corner Grill BBQ (Reviewed at Lake George BBQ and Blues Festival 2021)

This was a coincidence. I swear. We selected Lake George for our summer vacation and as it turned out, there was a BBQ & Blues festival going on at the same time. I swear it was a coincidence. One of the standout vendors was the Corner Grill BBQ.

Corner Grill BBQ

Corner Grill BBQ had a great setup. Smokers and grills on one side, a prep station in the back, and serving trays in the front. The operation was efficient. They processed the longlines pretty quickly and had sides for everyone. I assembled a custom BBQ plate of smoked pork ribs, fresh corn on the cob, baked beans, and a biscuit. The ribs didn’t need sauce. They had a strong bite and were full of smoke flavor. The sides paired well. I am always happy to see sides with BBQ at a festival.

Coren Grill BBQ plate from Trademark BBQ Instagram

Corner Grill BBQ uses a custom Meadow Creek smoker to smoke all of their meats and finish ribs and other things on a MagiCater grill. Again, I really liked their setup. Other ribfest vendors tend to be slow and not well prepared for being popular. Corner Grill BBQ was ready and lived up to the hype.

I highly recommend the Corner Grill BBQ team. They travel all around so you have to follow their Facebook page for their latest location. Enjoy!

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