BBQ Community Building on Instagram

I really love what’s happening on Instagram. The BBQ community is really strong there. Everyone from backyard barbecuers to professional pitmasters are posting, sharing, and engaging. I have found some interesting brands, swag, and techniques by being a part of the growing community that I discovered on Instagram.

Trademark BBQ on Instagram

Instagram is a photo forward social site. Everything starts with a photo and then people can check out the bio for a link back to a website. The the option is going live and inviting a guest to enjoy. The live sessions that I have engaged with have been short and to the point. I really like this trend. Other streaming or live sites focus on long streams. The BBQ live streams tend to be short interview style events. I appreciate that. I have go to interact with people all over the United States, Canada, and the UK all thanks to Instagram.

What am I contributing back to the community? Well, I have posted about other people’s BBQ brands, shared books, and my experimental BBQ sauce recipes. I think it is important to contribute to the community, make yourself useful to others, and amply the voices of others. We are all connected by the thing that we love.

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