BBQ Review: Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, Massachusetts

Chef Tiffani Faison’s debut restaurant is Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, Massachusetts near the legendary Fenway Park. I highly recommend that you check out this BBQ joint. I have been able to visit a few times and have always had a great experience. In fact, Sweet Cheeks Q was the first BBQ that I had from the Northeast. They set the bar high, but there is a growing number of great BBQ spots in New England. As you approach the place, you will notice the distinctive BBQ sign down the block. The curly-Q Q is definitely a trademark look that sets the tone for experience.

Sweet Cheeks Q Sign

On this trip, we tried the chopped BBQ beef, pork belly, pickles, and watermelon. The BBQ beef came off sweet, so I used some of the vinegar sauce to cut down on the sweetness. The pork belly was smoked to perfection and was the highlight of this visit. Sweet Cheeks Q set down three BBQ sauces for your meal. One is a mustard forward sauce for general applications. The other is the aforementioned vinegar sauce. It was light and packs a flavor burst. The other sauce appears to be a hot sauce. I think that it is habanero and it is habanero forward. I didn’t use it on the meat as I thought it was too strong.

Sweet Cheeks Q Tray of Food

If you make it to Boston, make sure Sweet Cheeks Q is on your travel itinerary.

Sweet Cheeks Q Video on TikTok

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