What is Trademark BBQ?

I started my BBQ journey over 20 years ago. I got to explore the finest BBQ joints in the United States and learned tips and tricks along the way. I learned what cuts, styles, and flavors that I like. In 2015, my wife got me a smoker for Christmas. She wanted me to give it a try since I have been dragging her willingly to BBQ places on every trip. She got me a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. I picked up the book Low & Slow 2 and started learning everything that I could. Now, I make my own sauces, rubs, and recipes. My challenge to myself is what Trademark BBQ is all about. My challenge is to find my trademark. What will make my BBQ stand out amongst the crowded crowd. What is my signature? How would you know it was my BBQ? I will use Trademark BBQ to chronical my journey, share what I learn, and add something to the BBQ community.

My first smoke on the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker on June 23, 2016

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