Aaron Franklin’s BBQ With Franklin

If you are into BBQ, you probably know the name: Aaron Franklin. And, if you are just getting started, you should probably get to know Aaron Franklin. Aaron is an influential pitmaster from Central Texas. He has a famous smoke shop, books, and videos. He has been generous about giving back to the community and sharing his knowledge. Aaron loves BBQ and everything he does reflects that love.

Aaron Franklin from MasterClass

Where to start? Well, I recommend BBQ With Franklin both the show on PBS and the web show on YouTube. All in all, you are going to be entertained by Aaron’s infectious personality and be drawn in by his insatiable love of all things BBQ. You are going to see him build a new smoker, invite his friends on the show to elevate brisket leftovers, and learn a lot of little tidbits along the way. Treat this experience as a gold mining. Go looking for the nuggets. I have been using aluminum foil and in an episode he says, “put the shiny side in for the Texas crutch.”

I recommend starting with the Brisket episode and then enjoying the rest of the series on PBS.

Here are all of the BBQ With Franklin episodes produced by KLRU-TV, Austin PBS:

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